Cowboy kids & woolly buddies

Meet Butch and Sundance, our rambunctious pygmy goat siblings, born in 2017. These little troublemakers ain’t shy about a good back scratch and some playtime. They’ve been part of the Loose Reins family since they were knee-high to a grasshopper, and folks just can’t get enough of their playful spirit.

Now, let’s mosey over to our woolly buddies—a flock of 6 Grey Faced Dartmoor ewes and ol’ Rupert, our homebred Border Leicester cross. These critters are the darin’ darlings of our Buckaroo Club. They’re always keen for a tasty bite and a friendly pat. And Rupert, well, he’s a huggable, snuggable feller. Some say he’s part Labrador.

Rupert the sheep at Loose Reins in Dorset A young girl helping to feed the goat kids at Loose Reins

The egg production team

Our “Loose Reins egg production team” is made up of a motley crew of feathered friends, rustling up those free-range, hand-picked eggs fresh from the coop.

You’ll find these gems waitin’ in your cabin upon arrival, alongside any breakfast fixin’s you’ve ordered. But if you happen to gobble ’em up faster than a jackrabbit in a hurry, don’t fret. Our egg producers are workin’ their tailfeathers off, layin’ fresh eggs every day, just a holler away when you need ’em.

A young guest helping to collect the hens eggs ready for breakfast at Loose Reins Two girls collecting eggs from the hen house at Loose Reins

Our beautiful Shetland Ponies

Meet Peaches and Tango, two dandy Shetland Ponies. Tango, born in the year 2000, and Peaches, in the year 2010, are seasoned pros at rustlin’ up guests for a quick howdy and a friendly rubdown.

These two sweethearts hitched their wagon to the Loose Reins family in 2021 and really took to our laid-back lifestyle, grazin’ on grass, minglin’ with guests, and gettin’ all dolled up at the Buckaroo Club. Sometimes they come out lookin’ so spiffy, it’ll make you downright envious!

Shetland Pony at Loose Reins Glamping Peaches and Tango, two dandy Shetland Ponies at Loose Reins

The ranch sheriffs

Lastly, allow us to introduce the real sheriffs of the ranch—Bear and Rosie! Bear, our trusty working cocker spaniel, sports a wintertime coat that’ll put a grizzly to shame. But don’t let her rugged appearance fool ya—she’s a big ol’ softie, especially fond of the young ‘uns.

Then there’s Rosie, a German Shorthaired Pointer, a bundle of energy that’ll greet you faster than a tumbleweed in a dust storm. She’s a real hoot, always first in line to tip her hat and say howdy.

The resident dogs at Loose Reins sitting outside a glamping cabin Loose Reins Dogs by Shop

Friendly advice

Now, a little word of advice, partner. While our critters are as friendly as a campfire on a chilly night, we kindly ask you not to mosey on into their fields. Even the calmest of critters can have a mind of their own. And please, hold off on feedin’ ’em, as we’ve got ’em on the finest feed this side of the River Stour.

More to Explore

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Get ready to create lifelong memories amidst stunning frontier landscapes and experience the joy of glamping at its finest. Book your dream getaway in Dorset today and let the adventure begin!


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