Buckaroo Bliss: Family Adventures Unveiled at Loose Reins

Embark on a family getaway like no other as Loose Reins opens the door to Buckaroo Bliss—a realm where kids and parents revel in unforgettable adventures. Our family-friendly cabins and lodges set the stage for a retreat that combines rustic charm with hands-on experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Cosy Cabins, Endless Delight

Our family-friendly cabins and lodges provide more than just a place to lay your head; they offer a haven where imaginations soar and laughter echoes through the air. Each home-from-home becomes a cosy retreat, inviting families to connect, unwind, and create timeless moments.

Discover Our Cabins

The kitchen inside one of the Cabins at Loose Reins as seen from the bedroom area A man and his son reading a story book on the porch of a cabin at Loose Reins

Woopa, the Wooden Bull: Cowboy Adventures Await

Becoming a cowboy or cowgirl is more than a theme—it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Join Woopa, our wooden roping bull companion, and learn the art of roping. Families gather around, laughter resonating as lassos twirl and cowboy dreams come to life in our backyard.

Cow Girl Roping

Horse Shoe Toss and Cowboy Skills

Challenge the family to a game of horseshoe toss, where every toss is a step closer to becoming a true cowboy or cowgirl. The grounds echo with the joyous sounds of families engaging in friendly competitions, creating memories that are as timeless as the cowboy way of life.

A young boy practicing horse shoe tossing in front of a cabin at Loose Reins

Nature’s Playground: Forestry Expeditions

Nature becomes the ultimate playground at Loose Reins. With 13.5 acres of secured land, children are free to explore and unleash their inner adventurers. Wander through the surrounding forestry, perfecting den-building skills and discovering the wonders of the great outdoors.

A couple sitting outside one of the cabins at Loose Reins with a lush woodland in the background A group of children discovering insects with butterfly nets in the wild areas of Loose Reins

Local Wonders: Farmer Palmer’s and Beyond

Venture beyond our gates to experience family-friendly wonders. Farmer Palmer’s, a vibrant farm-themed park, invites children to engage with a variety of animals, relish in a large café, and let loose in a soft play area. For an educational twist, the Tank Museum and Monkey World in nearby Bovington promise captivating experiences that broaden young minds and entertain in equal measure.

Toddler in a soft play area Front face of an alpaca recently been shed. Wool on his eye
A brother and sister collecting eggs from the hen house ready for breakfast at Loose Reins

Buckaroo Club: A Day of Adventure Awaits

Kickstart your day at the Buckaroo Club, a haven for young ranch hands eager to dive into the world of animal care and cowboy camaraderie. Feed our Grey-faced Dartmoor ewes, the heart of our ranch, and bond with cuddle enthusiast Rupert, our homebred crossbreed.

Venture to our happy hens, each with a distinct personality. Challenge little ranch hands to spot eggs while feeding our feathery flock. Make friends with our miniature ponies, Peaches and Tango, as they revel in a good, thorough brush. Engage in mane braiding and lend a helping hand with foot cleaning.

And, of course, be on the lookout for Butch and Sundance, our dynamic Pygmy goat duo, who are sure to steal the show with their love for hand-picked hazel branches.

Plan Your Family Stay With Us

At Loose Reins, family adventures extend beyond the ordinary. From cosy cabins to hands-on experiences at the Buckaroo Club, every moment is an invitation to connect, explore, and create cherished memories.


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