Loose Reins Featured in Open Air Business Magazine

A Glimpse into Our Lives…

In a feature that unfolds like a captivating story, “Open Air Business” delves into the heart of Loose Reins, uncovering the journey of Sam, Yasmin, and Milena Wilkes, the dynamic family behind this enchanting glamping site.

This article is not merely an exploration of the site’s rustic charm and luxurious accommodations; it’s a deeply personal interview that offers readers a glimpse into the daily tapestry of the Wilkes family. From the initial spark of inspiration to the magical moments etched into the fabric of Loose Reins, this piece is a testament to their unwavering passion for creating a haven where nature, adventure, and heartfelt connections converge. Get ready for an insider’s perspective on the challenges, triumphs, and the unique rhythm that sets Loose Reins apart in the world of outdoor hospitality.

We are incredibly grateful and honoured to Open Air Business for interviewing us and featuring us for this article. Thank you so much and we hope our guests enjoy this glimpse into our lives.


Family dining outdoors on holiday at Loose Reins in Dorset Sam and Yasmin Wilkes from Loose Reins Glamping in Dorset