Ranch Life: Meet Our Animal Residents

Howdy, y’all! Welcome back to Loose Reins, where our ranch isn’t just a place; it’s a lively community filled with the heart and soul of our charming animal residents. Let’s take a stroll through our barnyard and get to know the critters that make Loose Reins a true home on the range.

Butch and Sundance – The Dynamic Duo!!

These two brothers are the rambunctious troublemakers of the ranch. When they know there’s an audience, Butch and Sundance engage in spirited play fights, showcasing their playful spirit. Butch, the quieter of the two, adds his charm to the antics.

Their dynamic displays never fail to bring a smile to our faces. We inherited these two when we moved into Loose Reins in 2020, and love the joy they bring each day!

Two of Loose Reins' goats resting on a log stack

Rupert – The Cuddly Charmer!

Meet Rupert, our homebred Border Leicester cross. This cuddly sheep is more Labrador than livestock. His playful skips and jumps, especially when he’s in a good mood, are a delight and utterly hilarious to witness.

Rupert loves attention and scratches, often wagging his tail like a dog. A Christmas enthusiast, he’s usually the star of festive greetings pictures, adorned in tinsel as we dress him up! Rupert was bred here by us in 2022, he wasn’t a bottle-fed lamb as you may believe, but he was born loving people and his personality very quickly shone through. One of his favourite games is to skip and chase behind Rosie, our pointer!

Sheep at Loose Reins Glamping Site in Dorset

Peaches and Tango – Buckaroo Beauties!

Peaches and Tango, our lovely Shetland Ponies, are big fans of the Buckaroo Club. These girls revel in the attention and baths provided by our young Buckaroo members. Tango however, has a keen knack for finding the muddiest puddle post-bath, and is a master of transforming from a shiny white coat to a muddy brown hippo once more.

Fun fact, hippopotamus is actually Greek for “River horse”! When we see Tango after her transformation, we can well and truly believe it!

Peaches and Tango, two dandy Shetland Ponies at Loose Reins
Two girls collecting eggs from the hen house at Loose Reins

Daily Routines and Shenanigans


Feathered Friends and Their Coop Tales!

Our “Loose Reins egg production team” consists of a motley crew of feathered friends. These are varied in breed (and egg colour), and there is one particular funny looking hen, Frizzle, our Polish Bantam, she is hilarious in personality and looks! Their daily routine involves coop cleaning, egg collection, and feasting on tasty corn and treats. Fresh eggs, hand-picked and ready for guests, are a daily delight.

Horses in Action!

Our horses graze the fields daily, from young foals, to working horses, all the way through to our older Mummy horses. Domino is our big black stallion, you will be able to spot him in his electrified pen in the middle of one of our fields. Domino is a high-level competitor, which means that we are regularly tested as part of our competing, so the pen is to ensure that we abide by the Clean Sport rules. Domino undergoes rigorous training in the arena most days and usually you will spot him practicing his dancing in the arena. Whether being led in or out, worked in the day, or enjoying a well-deserved break, these majestic creatures bring life to our ranch.

Sheep Shenanigans!

Moving our sheep involves a fair bit of hilarity, sweeties, and the occasional attempt at escape. While Rupert remains a loyal companion, some of the ewes like to test the boundaries, turning routine field changes into moments of laughter.
There you have it, folks – a glimpse into the lively daily routine and playful antics of our beloved animal residents. Stay tuned for more ranch tales and heartwarming adventures at Loose Reins!

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