Soak, Savour, and Stargaze: The Magic of our Wood-Fired Hot-Tubs

There’s something enchanting about the dance of flames, the scent of crackling wood, and the warmth that wraps around you, as you sink into our wood-fired hot-tubs. At Loose Reins, we’ve crafted an experience that goes beyond the ordinary—immersing you in the soothing embrace of nature. Let’s explore the joys and benefits that make our hot-tubs a highlight of your stay.

A sensory symphony designed for pure relaxation

As the sun dips below the horizon, our wood-fired hot-tubs come to life, casting a mesmerising glow that transforms your evening. The LEDs at the tub’s bottom create a dreamlike ambience, accentuating the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Picture yourself immersed in warm water, surrounded by the soft flicker of flames and the gentle play of bubbles. It’s a sensory symphony designed for pure relaxation.

view of sunset from Hazel Meade Glamping lodge in Dorset

Feel the tension melt away

One of the unique features of our eco-tubs is the air-pressured bubbles that add an extra layer of tranquillity to your soak. Feel the tension melt away as the bubbles caress and massage, creating a serene atmosphere that lulls you into a state of bliss. It’s not just a tub; it’s a haven of calm, where the worries of the day dissipate with each passing minute.

Close up of hot tub bubbling

But the magic doesn’t stop there

Our hot-tubs offer a sensory journey, amplified by the natural fragrance of burning wood. As you breathe in the earthy, comforting aroma, you’re reminded that you’re far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The scent of the wood adds a rustic charm to the experience, connecting you to the heart of nature.

Logs inside the wood burner for one of Loose Reins' cabin's hot tubs

A front-row seat to nature’s grand theatre

Stargazing takes on a whole new meaning from the comfort of our wood-fired hot-tubs. With the expansive night sky as your backdrop, you’re treated to a celestial display. The tubs are strategically placed to offer unobstructed views, inviting you to lose yourself in the beauty of the cosmos. It’s a front-row seat to nature’s grand theatre.

Guests sitting outside their Loose Reins' lodge at night time
Luxurious wood fired hot tub with scenic winter background and pink sunset sky

Curious about the logistics?

Lighting the log burner in our eco-tubs is a straightforward process that adds a touch of adventure to your evening. Follow our simple instructions printed inside, and in just 90-180 minutes, you’ll be rewarded with a tub of warmth, awaiting your plunge. It’s a ritual that heightens the anticipation, making the experience all the more gratifying.

So, why settle for an ordinary soak when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Our wood-fired hot-tubs redefine the art of relaxation, combining nature’s elements to create an experience that’s both rejuvenating and magical. Join us at Loose Reins, where every soak becomes a celebration of nature’s wonders.

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