Unveiling Romance: A Glamping Retreat for Couples

Imagine a romantic escape, where time slows and the outside world fades away. Nestled in the heart of Dorset’s serene countryside, Loose Reins beckons couples to discover the enchantment of a secluded cabin retreat.

Cosy Cabins, Fireside Bliss

Step into our intimate cabins, where rustic charm intertwines with modern luxury. The crackling fireplace casts a warm embrace, creating a haven of tranquillity. Sink into plush furnishings, where every corner whispers of shared moments and stolen glances. The ambience is not merely cosy; it’s a symphony of comfort and intimacy.

Logs inside the wood burner for one of Loose Reins' cabin's hot tubs The bedroom of a Loose Reins' cabin with cosy bedding and a tray with breakfast bowls

Sculptures by the Lake: A Romantic Interlude

For a touch of artistry, embark on a scenic drive to “Sculptures by the Lake.” As you wander hand in hand through this open-air gallery, each piece seems to come alive in the natural setting. Engage in whispered conversations about the art that resonates with you both, creating memories that transcend the ordinary.

Couple in mid twenties romantically embracing in front of a lake

Wessex Ridgeway: A Journey for Two

Embark on a romantic expedition along the Wessex Ridgeway. The trail unfolds before you, revealing sweeping panoramas that stretch to the horizon. The air is crisp, and the landscape seems to breathe with the rhythm of nature. Pause at the summit, where the world below is a canvas of tranquillity. It’s more than a walk; it’s a shared journey, a tapestry of memories woven step by step.

Wooden signpost South Dorset Ridgeway footpath Abbotsbury Hill, Dorse

Local Pubs: A Culinary Love Affair

As night descends, discover culinary delights at the Fox Inn in Lower Ansty or the Langham Arms in Tarrant Keyneston. These charming pubs, nestled on neighbouring farms, invite you to savour the richness of local flavours in an intimate atmosphere. Candlelit dinners, clinking glasses, and the aroma of delectable dishes create a culinary love affair that lingers in your hearts.

At Loose Reins, we invite couples to immerse themselves in the romance of our glamping retreat. Let the gentle embrace of nature and the warmth of our cabins kindle the flames of love.

Your romantic escape begins here, where each moment is an invitation to deepen your connection in the embrace of nature’s beauty.

A couple holding hands in a restaurant with their food and wine on the table